In my polymath wanderings through the years, my first career idea was cartooning. I absolutely ADORED the comic strips in the paper (A daily newspaper... that was actually a thing back then. They delivered  collections of news and comics in paper form to your house!  (Wow... that sounds kind of chronologically catty, no? Gazing through the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia...with more than a sprinkle of old man "Hey you kids! Get out of my yard!" snark? ...perhaps.)

At one point (circa 2004-5) I actually took a stab at trying to syndicate a strip that I called "Quiddit." I thought this was a brilliant concept (of course I did!) ...kind of like a "Far Side" (greatest cartoon strip ever created IMHO) with multiple panels. Alas, the good folks at over 40 syndicates disagreed.

I take some solace now in the fact that almost all of those syndicates themselves have been rejected and that the internet has no editors or quality control. Therefore, and to wit: I have now published my cartoons.

(Woo Hoo!)

I hope that you enjoy them. If so, please drop me a line via this website. If you don't like them, you should start a syndicate!

(stay tuned for NEW strips soon...)