And who, disguised as Clark Kent...

And who, disguised as Clark Kent...

In my daily secret identity as a jazz professor (REALLY? A professor!? younger revolutionary persona would be mortified...but there it is ) I work at The University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. When I decided that my time with Maynard on the road had come to an end, it occured to me that I wanted to raise a family, have a home, enjoy a steady income with benefits, and still write and perform. Thus, I donned the garb of Academia and TA-DA! The university world has put food on my table, helped to raise a MAGNIFICENT family, gave me the financial resources to create Vinyl Hampdin and I have now owned FOUR homes and am enjoying a steady paycheck and benefits a-plenty! (and somewhere, an angel got its wings)

For real, though: I now find myself approaching "graduation" at the most absolutely HIP place I have ever had the good fortune of working. The Lamont School of Music–nestled as it is at the footsteps of the mighty Front Range Rocky Mountains–is a blessing and a joy. Fabulous facilities, wonderful students and the best faculty I have EVER worked with! I am one lucky pup.

So here is the link to our Jazz Studies website, which in turn has a link to all of Lamont. Check it out! And, if you are a student looking to get your scene together for REAL...I hope to see you there someday!

Jazz at Lamont

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