More Videos:

"Cerulean 12" with Brad Leali, Stefan Karlsson, Lynn Seaton and Ed Soph.

With Orchestra (USM) "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin arranged by Tom "Bones" Malone.

My arrangement of "On Green Dolphin Street" with the great Army Blues at the 2011 Eastern Trombone Workshop in Washington DC.

Here's my composition "The Last Theme Song" performed in the studio by the One O'Clock Lab Band. Wonderful solo by guitarist Scott Kruser.

This is a short documentary by Phil Bulla for the 2007 release of my "Out of the New" project. Listen to a track from the project below: The Foo Fighters "In Your Honor" (reimagined as a bossa nova!)

My MAN Jimmy Pankow discusses his involvement with Concerto for Folded Space. Check out the audio track from the project below. Jimmy is the first solo from 3:19-4:28.